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Kauai North Shore Social ServicesWhy KCHA?

The development of a social services satellite on Kauai's north shore is critical. Loneliness, anxiety, depression, drug addiction, family dysfunction, marital problems, everyday care giver burnout, grief from loss of loved ones. The needs are there—a place in our community for help is not.

Driving to Lihue to receive services is impractical, and often impossible, for the many who desperately need these services. Some support groups may need to meet as often as 3 or 4 times weekly. North shore residents frequently relay they can't afford the gas (up to $60/week), can't get off work, or that they are unable to drive at night. We need social services right here in our neighborhood.

Some problems and some solutions

  1. Counseling and support groups for everyday caregivers. This includes parents with autistic or other special needs children. This includes community members taking care of elderly parents who may have serious social and/ or medical needs. These are our neighbors and friends who are caring for others, yet who have no place themselves to go for support.
  2. Counseling and support groups for those in grief. Grief counseling groups on the north shore for those who have lost loved ones is vitally important. Hospice does not fill this role because they stop visiting shortly after their patient dies. The family is left alone with their grief. It is frequently unrealistic, and often impossible for grieving families to drive all the way into Lihue for regular ongoing counseling and support.
  3. Counseling and support groups for the great number of teenagers and adults addicted to opiates and other substances. This is a large and growing problem. Driving an hour or more in each direction to attend a support group four nights a week has proven unrealistic for most north shore residents. KCHA sees the need for a treatment program on the north shore.
  4. Other services that could be offered include parenting classes, breast feeding classes, private counseling and family counseling, smoking cessation groups, and cancer support groups.

Fund a Need

These figures include the cost of therapy as well as administrative costs.

Please contact James Winkler if you are interested in supporting this healthcare initiative by calling 808-828-2885, or emailing winkler@kauai-medical.org

Alternatively, donations can be made online right now. Thanks for contributing to your communities healthcare needs.

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