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A new vision for health careWhy KCHA?

The Physical Therapy needs of Kauai's north shore have grown enormously over the last ten years. Our communities now need expanded and improved Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation services.

North Shore Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine is the physical therapy department presently operating out of Hale Lea Medicine.

Because there is a growing need for Kauai's north shore residents to receive high-level physical therapy and rehabilitation services close to home, KCHA has begun an initiative to raise the funds for this to occur.

North Shore Physical Therapy Initiative



Physical therapy, sports training, and rehabilitation equipment


Build out facility space


Total Cost


Initiative will be self-sustaining once up and running. No ongoing funds needed.

Fund a Need

Please contact Jim Winkler if you are interested in supporting this healthcare initiative by calling 808-828-2885, or emailing winkler@kauai-medical.org Alternatively, donations can be made online right now. Thanks for contributing to your community’s healthcare needs.

North Shore Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Equipment List

Hotpack Machine-SS-2 with 8 standard HP included
a thermal container to provide moist heat packs to aid in muscle relaxation/stretching and pain relief


2 cervical, 1 oversized packs
to apply this modality to various areas of the body


6’x8’ foot mat table
a platform to aid in exercise and PT assisted stretching


Traction Package
to provide spinal traction to cervical and lumbar spine in order toreduce bulging discs and restore normal mechanics to spinal


Cybex upright bike
a commercial machine to assist in warm-up and strength training


Cybex leg press
an integral part of any lower extremity rehab routine as wall as dynamic lumbar stabilization programs, providing a safe and easy way to quickly regain functional ability


Cybex leg ext
a commercial piece of equipment designed to strengthen the quadricepscomplex


Cybex leg curl
a commercial piece of equipment designed to strengthen the hamstringcomplex


Seated Row
a commercial piece of equipment designed to strengthen postural muscles of the upper back


A versatile piece of equipment designed to incorporate the body’s coreInto upper extremity/lower extremity core rehabilitation


An adjustable trampoline that one can utilize for upper body throwing/paddling. Reintegration, as well as for lower body balance and stability


Treatment Table with shelf


Cybex Pro Treadmill
A versatile piece of equipment that inclines 3-15 degrees to simulate real life situations, allow controlled introduction of challenge topatients, and to assist in the evaluation an assessment of gait disorders


Joint models (knee/shoulder/hip)
An aid to assist in explanation of medical conditions and goals of rehabilitation


Cryocuff with attachments
To provide cryotherapy or ice as a modality to problem areas in a convection device that effectively cools


Seated Massage Chair
To provide therapeutic massage in a seated position per patient comfort and to allow the therapist to position the patient optimally


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